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Adult Acting Classes for Professional Film and TV Parts – FILM AND TV COURSE

Film and TV Acting Course every Wednesday @19.30hrs (Next available places are on the course starting 8th January 2020)

We are primarily a production company NFD Productions that believes 100% in “Training while Creating” and it is the core philosophy upon which all our actor training is based. That of course means our actors benefit from the extensive professional filming equipment we have, and the unique opportunities in our productions. For example working with named actors such as Jamie Lomas and  Persephone Swales-Dawson who were in our “Risk Takers” TV pilot recently. Due to the ongoing success of our award winning film and TV productions we have taken the decision in 2019 to limit the total number of actors we train. As a result we are now reducing the number of places available on our courses.

(Admittance to the advanced acting classes are conditional on successful completion of the film and TV course which requires a minimum attendance of 10 out of the 12 sessions).

.Scene from the FEATURE FILM “TRIANGLE in the SKY” involving actors of all ages currently being filmed. It is a key part of our very unique on set training that all our actors get to be part of the internationally award winning films and TV programmes we make.

This provides second to none acting experience, top class showreel material, Spotlight professional acting credits (feature films), Imdb professional acting credits.


Wednesdays: 19.30hrs – 21.00hrs – (21.30hrs) (please note sessions vary in length from 1.5hrs to 2hrs depending on the subject taught given some need a bit longer than normal)


All courses are a 12 week cycle of separate training modules. Sessions vary in length from 1.5hrs to 2hrs depending on the subject taught.


Adult Film and TV Acting Classes are held in Leeds “South Milford” LS25 5AR


Film and TV Acting Course Leeds – Our Classes are small friendly and personal to get to know you really well with average class sizes of just 4 – 7. We only teach in small groups as workshops will never deliver the level of individual training you need to succeed for worth while parts.

Still from the FEATURE FILM “TRIANGLE in the SKY” involving actors of all ages currently in production 2019/20 that ALL students GET THE OPPORTUNITY to work on.



Film and TV Acting Course Leeds – Classes are held in our own purpose built film and TV studio where we can instantly play back your performances in comfort, not some large open space sterile hall or community centre. That way you learn faster and better than anywhere else and we can maintain for you a personal friendly atmosphere that promotes remarkable progress from all our actors. To maintain the small friendly classes, numbers are strictly limited.

Still from the FEATURE FILM “TRIANGLE in the SKY” involving actors of all ages currently in production 2019/20 that ALL students GET THE OPPORTUNITY to work on.



Film and TV Acting Course Leeds – Highly recommended for anyone looking to break in to Film and TV. This is a key course for beginners and or actors with previously only theatre training/just finished a drama degree, been out of acting for a while etc as this course actively prepares you specifically for Film and TV. Once students have successfully completed this course we would expect them to move across to the advanced classes and start to appear in our show case “Platform 2c” where we produce full feature length films (also in 3D and with advanced green screen work and some cross over with the teenage section with our TV show “RISK TAKERS”, and juniors with various short films) which go on to be shown all over the world.


Gives the student a solid Film and TV grounding with a strong emphasis on acting to camera.

WK 1 – Script deciphering and how to make them work for you

WK 2 – Understanding and putting into practice script directions and direction from directors

WK 3 – Making the most of and optimising anger on screen plus Filmic emotions and how to make them work best for the camera

WK 4 – How to effectively and quickly learn lines

WK 5 – How to work effectively with props

WK 6 – How to create an effective and robust character for acting

WK 7 – Comedy acting and timing

WK 8 – Voice overs, Over dubbing how to do it well as well as optimisation for you

WK 9 – Audition technique and how to use it to best affect for you

WK 10 – How to produce the very best and most effective self tape audition to shows you off to maximum benefit.

WK 11 – The differences between scripts and how to take advantage of them to make you look good.

WK 12 – Creating a personal acting show reel and how to work with Green Screen to best affect. Students get to keep what they do in this class as their first show reel.

Still from the FEATURE FILM “TRIANGLE in the SKY” involving actors of all ages currently in production 2019/20 that ALL students GET THE OPPORTUNITY to work on.



Film and TV Acting Course Leeds – You don’t need any experience and you can be any age from 16 – 80, you just need the dedication and determination to want to work hard and give it your best! If you have that, then we can and will get you there, no matter your experience or lack of it. Because our class sizes are small we can happily take students who need a more personal individual approach, often working near miracles with students who for example find reading harder than most and similar concerns. Confidence building is our speciality and all students rapidly improve often within only a few weeks.
Entry to the Film and TV course requires the potential student to either:
(a) Write us an email letting us know why you want to be an actor and how you think NFD can help you. (no experience is required, indeed its often better if you have none). We will then come back to you and let you know if we can allocate you a place on the next available course or if there are any questions we would like to ask you. (This can take up to 3 days for us to get back to you)
(b) Ring 01977 681949 or email to book a trial lesson in the Film and TV course and at the end of the lesson, if you find it works for you, we can then have a brief informal chat. (Using this method we can normally give you an answer at the time)


Film and TV Acting Course Leeds – Price is £20 per session for 12 weeks payable on the night at the start of each lesson with a £50 booking fee payable in advance to reserve your place (Please click HERE to pay your booking fee)



Students on successful completion of the course will be invited to join our successful Film and TV agency.

There are many web casting organisations all claiming to make you a “STAR” and all less for spotlight deal in low quality work requiring little at best to no talent at worst. Extra work, short/student films, etc are often much more likely to harm your cv than help it, if you really want to get worth while parts. This is in our opinion the only worth while online casting organisation given all the substantial/main parts from Game of Thrones to the main Hollywood Films etc all appear here and generally no where else. If you don’t have the required credits to be on spotlight you can’t apply simple as that; so we work really hard to help you get the required credits.


Lastly we really love what we do so you can always be assured of the very best possible experience no matter your level of ability.

“At NFD we pride ourselves on our integrity”
To learn more about our Acting Classes please contact us +44 (0)1977 681949 or send us Email – info1@northernfilmanddrama.com

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