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Childrens Acting Classes for Film and TV. CHILDRENS ACTING AT THE STUDIO

Children’s Acting Leeds “South Milford” STUDIO

Half hour intensive workshop using the STUDIO’s film and TV facilities with a maximum of five children. Film and TV technique. Concentrate on filming one short film a year with all students participating. Students learn script, acting in front of camera, continuity and audition technique, to suit each age group.

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16.30hrs – 17.00hrs – (A) Age 4 to 11 years (includes essential on-set training)

17.00hrs – 17.30hrs – (B) Age 4 to 11 years (includes essential on-set training)

See Teenage Page for class details on older years


Children’s acting Film and TV Acting Classes are held in our “South Milford” STUDIO Leeds LS25 5AR


“CONKERS” now being filmed with our younger children. Parts are limited so if you would like To be involved in this brilliantly written short film please contact us.

This is being filmed on location during the Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019.


When James breaks his Granddad’s last conker he vows to replace it. Conkers are banned at school. The Headmistress hates them so much she orders that every conker be destroyed. James’s mate Robert tells him where the best conkers can be found but they are overheard by the headmistress’s spies. The boys and their friends chase off the council workers collecting the conkers but are caught red handed by the headmistress. James’s Grandad comes to the rescue and challenges the headmistress to a game. If Grandad wins they will escape punishment.

Main Characters


Jamesor Jimmy as his Grandfather calls him is determined, focused & single minded but can be a little naive & not quite as bright as his peers.

RobertBright, clever & a bit cheeky. Although he can be kind & thoughtful at times he can also be a bit of a chancer, looking for how he can profit from any situation.

Sybella & Priscilla Sneak(Ideally they would be played by identical twins & look like Wednesday Adams) They think they have no need of friends, they have each other and are teacher’s pets. They think alike & are in the habit of finishing off each others sentences.

Lots of other Childrens parts Ranging from quite a few lines to just a few words.


GrandadA kindly, gentle man, with an impish sense of humour, entering his second childhood but fiercely protective of his little Jimmy. He delights in sharing & teaching Jimmy about the childhood pastimes he enjoyed as a youngster.

Mildred SternlyHeadmistress & a stickler for rules & regulations. She rules by fear & is liable to tantrums when challenged. Her hatred of conkers is due to her being accused of cheating at a conker tournament when she was a girl.

Council Worker #1Childish, lazy, oafish & sly he is not afraid to deal out a bit of physical violence but like most bullies he crumbles when challenged.

Council Worker #2Childlike, easily led & manipulated despite his physical size. A sandwich short of a picnic.

Young children’s film Cowboys and Indians

Young children’s film Beyond the Spitfire


If you were 12 how would you feel if you were transported to a world without the internet, TV or mobile phone? Could you cope? That’s what happens to young Eric when he is magically transported back to war torn Britain in 1941 amongst a group of evacuees. I could tell you more but walls have ears and careless talk costs lives. Find out for yourself by watching “Beyond the Spitfire”


Try our taster session/lesson for £5. Please call to book a place.


Children’s acting Leeds. We have various methods of payment available from per lesson to monthly direct debit and other options depending on the class.

Imogen Young Scholarship. From October for 12 months covering all fees is awarded to a gifted and talented student by audition only. Please enquire.

Licensing for CHILDREN help is available HERE

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