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Children’s Questions and Answers- Admission policy

Childrens Questions and Answers

Childrens Acting Questions. We currently only train 25 children therefore places are rare. We would recommend firstly to ring to see if there is any availability. We do have a process that we require your child to follow to gain a place at NFD.

Age 4-12 years. Initially we just require an email with your child’s details and why you feel your child would benefit from the training within our company. We will email back within 7 days to let you know regarding progressing to the next stage.

Age 12-15years. Initially we require an email with the students details and why they would like to become an actor in their own words. Once you hear back from us they will be invited in to do a taster session with us at no charge. We will then be in touch to let you know if your child has been successful in gaining a place to be trained at NFD.

Age 16-20yrs. We require an email with your details and why you would like to become an actor. We will let you know within seven days if we would like to bring you in for an assessment taster session  at no charge. After the taster session you will be required stay behind for an informal interview.

Childrens Acting Taster Sessions – First Lesson

Every taster session will be taken with children and students who have probably been with us for a while and we encourage all students to welcome newcomers and work with them throughout the class.

It usually involves script work and for the younger children simpler scripts of a few words or solo scenes to act out. We can cover mime and talk through ideas that the students can relate to and then let them weave their own individual unique scenes through role play.

On-going Training

Confidence is the key for your child’s development in all things, and this is why we focus on this throughout their training here at NFD.

Being involved in their first film

From an idea, script, storyboarding, auditions to filming. These different stages are covered as we look after and train each individual child every step of the production process. Although it may seem complicated, we explain in simple terminology and make it a fun time. Once your child has completed a show reel or film, they are delighted with what they have accomplished. Their confidence improves immensely. Many of our films do go on and are selected for film festivals through out the world and win international awards. Students also gain IMDB listings which is an international database for actors who appear in films. These have an advantage of the student being recognised for their experience and talent in the acting industry.

My child is not that confident?
Shy children benefit from drama/acting surprisingly enough when you give them a character and ask them to perform, they become a completely different person and overcome their shyness within a short space of time. This new confidence eventually does carry through in their day to day lives. We see very shy children improve in just a few weeks and parents are proud to share that they now stand up in lessons, read out loud from books and audition for main parts in school plays, something in which they did not have the confidence to do previously.