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Confidence Through Drama

New Class coming soon for teenagers

Grow in Confidence through Drama

Teenagers today are under so much pressure in today’s society with so many external problems going on in their lives.
For their minds to be able to understand and adjust to so many stresses and worrying events including exams,
personal issues and even social media, it is so hard to know where they fit in.
The answer is simple they don’t have to fit in anywhere!
Parents ring us with numerous concerns about their children, whether it is bullying, anxiety or lacking confidence we are here to help.
We now have a class which we call Confidence through Drama.
Through our unique approach we explore these present issues and help them find their own way through drama to express themselves.
In every situation we see the child change and it is such a pleasure to see a young person grow in confidence and self-esteem.
It is a journey for you, your child and us.
We feel privileged to be in a position that we can guide your child to a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.
If you would like a chat, please ring us. 01977 681949

What the parents say?

She leaves the lessons buzzing with confidence!  Sarah

You do an amazing job. I know that Dara would just not have the confidence if she had not attended your lessons!  Kate

We really appreciate what you are doing for GG. I just wished we’d found you sooner! Tina

After one lesson you have already given Tabs some confidence. She really is looking forward to next one! Sarah

He is loving it! Can’t wait for the next lesson! Clare