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Elocution Lessons

Elocution – the skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation

Our elocution lessons offer comprehensive training tailored to address various aspects of speech, including speech defects, accents, and voice coaching. Through personalised instruction, we work with individuals to overcome speech impediments, such as stutters or lisps, using specialised techniques and exercises to improve clarity and fluency.

In addition, our curriculum includes accent training, where students learn to modify their speech patterns to adopt different accents or reduce the influence of regional dialects. Whether for acting roles or personal development, accent coaching helps individuals communicate effectively across diverse contexts.

Voice coaching is another integral component of our elocution program. It focuses on enhancing vocal projection, resonance, and articulation. Students learn to harness the full potential of their voice, mastering techniques to command attention and convey emotions with clarity and impact.

Throughout the training process, our experienced instructors provide guidance, feedback, and support to ensure each student’s progress and success. With our holistic approach to elocution training, individuals gain confidence, refine their communication skills, and unlock their full vocal potential.



Alyson has over 35 years of experience in elocution training. Amongst her more famous students was no less than Joe Pasquale.

Elocution Lessons

Alyson giving Joe some elocution pointers

Private lessons at £45 per half hour are available – for children and adults – please email or phone to discuss your particular requirements.