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Young Adult Acting Classes

Young Adult Acting Classes (16 to 24 years)

Children and teenager classes Free Taster Sessions/Appraisal. Please book today. Send to alyson@northernfilmandrama.com

Young Adult Acting Classes (16 to 24 years) are at the Studio on Wednesday from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

Each lesson has personalised filming to analyse your performances from scripted scenes, which is given in advance or in the lesson and fed through our large screen projector.

We usually work towards one professional production a year, in which you will be encouraged to audition for parts or be involved. We will also provide students with the opportunity to apply their training to various genres and styles, which will allow them to develop more personally.
Our scriptwriters will usually write for the student specifically, but these change occasionally.

The lessons will focus on developing skills specifically for screen whilst being able to dedicate time to absorb and reflect upon the complexities of acting through first-hand experience on set.

The student is encouraged to discover and enhance their creative self and pursue personal development. Emphasis is given to critical awareness of on-screen performance. Students are also encouraged to create their own screen acting portfolio for professional use. If you wish to do so, you can join Spotlight and our successful agency of 25 years.

The lessons include professional preparation for scenes, mock auditions, etiquette on set, CV preparation, having the opportunity to gain IMDb listings appearing in our films and dramas, organisation and encouragement to apply oneself to a very competitive industry that can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Please Call us on +44 (0)1077 681949


Wednesdays, 18.30hrs to 19.30hrs at the Studio in our South Milford Studio Leeds LS25.

Think you live too far away?

You can join in with any of our lessons remotely online from anywhere. Please get in touch with us for full details.


16 years to 24 years

OUR NEXT 2020 PROJECT One Fatal Moment.

When a group of young people innocently meet up to run for a charity events soon spiral out of control leaving them all with a very dark secret! Filmed summer 2020.



“RISK TAKERS”  Filmed 2018-2019

Recently released on AMAZON PRIME has won 2 major awards and has had four international screenings in World/USA

An open ended TV series charting the progress of several young millennial’s in a harsh, uncompromising world

Click HERE to watch our latest production on Amazon Prime

A world where although happy endings may be in short supply, love, happiness and success may still be theirs if they are ready to take a risk and willing to pay the price. Will be credited with an IMDB listing.


Young Adult Acting Classes (16 to 24 years) students gain featured roles on television and film, but our emphasis and ethos is to give young people an idea and insight of what this industry has to offer in terms of a career and a hobby.

The acting industry is a very competitive so here at NFD we encourage the students to learn about all areas in film making.

We are very proud that many of our students go on and have successful careers in this industry whether it is acting, producing, directing, script writing, camera, lighting, sound, makeup and hair etc.

Another Clip From Risk Takers.


Young Adult Acting Classes (16 to 24 years) Free taster session. Please call 01977 681949 to book a place (taster sessions are subject to availability)


We have various methods of payment available from per lesson to monthly direct debit and other options depending on the class.Please call 01977 681949 to enquire about which package could work best for you. From £18.00 per session.

Imogen Young Scholarship. From October for 12 months covering all fees is awarded to a gifted and talented student by audition only. Please enquire.

Licensing for CHILDREN help is available HERE

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To learn more about our Acting Classes please contact us +44 (0)1977 681949 or send us Email – info1@northernfilmanddrama.com

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