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The Kids A Monologue

The Kids- A Monologue

Sam Goodison

Sam Goodison in One Fatal Moment (C) (2023)

Promote your Acting Skills with a Monologue

I enjoy writing scripts, but I also regularly write monologues for actors that need to promote their acting skills through their CVs and monologues by sending them off to casting directors or uploading them onto social media, etc.

Today, I’ve been inspired to write a monologue for one of our actors Sam Goodison, who is between the age of 35 to 45. Once I feel it is ready, I will send it to her; she will practice learning the lines and then send it through for me to comment on and give her acting tips to improve her performance before we circulate it into the industry on social media.

Promoting yourself on social media wasn’t acceptable a few years ago, but everything has changed. Encouraging an actor to have a presence on social media
gives them another platform to be seen by industry professionals.


( A harassed wife with four boys with different needs. A toddler intrigued with the world around him, a teenager gaining a rapid interest in the opposite sex. A prepubescent boy is trying to work out where he fits in and a sleepwalking 10-year-old. Poor Sam has her work cut out for her.)

Sam – I’ve got four boys. Yes, four boys from 3 to 17. You can imagine what that can mean!

I have one into snogging his new girlfriend at the moment, to the horror of our Larry, the middle kid.

(Thinks about it)

Well, the middle kid who’s 3rd youngest.
(Thinks about it)
No, what I mean is 3rd born. Yes, that’s what I mean.
Anyway, he walks into the eldest, sees him kissing Daisy Matlock, and screams. Yes, would you believe it was that traumatic? I am sure it will give him nightmares for the rest of his life.


Then I got my youngest, who’s going through the phase of loving worms yes, worms in the garden
You know that phase they go through?
Picking them up, looking at them intensively. Totally in awe, and when they’re about to eat those wriggly things, you just go nuts, rush over and save your child’s gob from ingesting the delights of ugly earthworms. Yuk!
Then there’s Tim. Well, we don’t really know what he is yet. He doesn’t seem to know, but we just let him get on with it.
Well, what can you do?

(shrugs her shoulders)

Anyway, the phone rang last night at three o’clock in the morning. Yes, three o’clock in the morning.
Some policeman, “Hello, is that Mrs Goodison? It’s Inspector Johnson at Ecklesly Police Station. We have your son Larry Goodison. You need to come and pick him up”. I couldn’t believe it. I thought, what has the little b…….. got up to now?

Anyway, Larry, the one that is sensitive to everything you know, the one that screams he, decided that last night he was going to go out sleepwalking. Yes, in his sleep went downstairs and opened the door. Locked it and put the key through the letterbox.

As if we got better things to do at 3.00 pm. (Looks at the camera)
Yes, he’d walked 3 miles in his sleep. Fancy that!

Anyway, he was exhausted this morning and didn’t want to go to school. “But Mum, I am I am so tired” Looking at me pleadingly “I walked for miles” Yes, he walked for miles.
But my argument was he walked in his sleep, so shouldn’t make that much of a difference.
Anyway, he went.

So that’s a bit about my family.
Worms, girlfriends, nuisance and Tim.

Not mentioned the hubby yet? (Laughs)
Well, that’s another story! That’s it for today.
Will keep you in the loop with my lot, so till next time. Cheerio.

By A.E. Connew

Recommendations of monologue books to practise

For Children

There are many different ones to choose from for children, but I recommend Audition Speeches for Young Actors 6yrs to 16yrs. This book has never failed me with many choices of different ages to suit most young child actors

For the Young Adult


I use this book for my older actors for acting exam work and showreel material.


I would recommend this book for younger women. it is a little disappointing  that there are not many books for the more mature lady. I guess that they are looking at younger people for auditioning for drama school but there are still some pieces that can be tailored and changed slightly for the the mature actress.

For Younger Men

Please do not be put off by these suggestions. It takes all age groups to become actors and these are catered for the students who want to go to acting school. you can write your own and or improves film it and then write it. We will be certainly be writing some shortly and you can use the one above. Our only ask is that you let us know and credit Alyson Connew the author.
In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and
any purchases made through such links
will result in a small commission to me (at no extra cost to you).

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