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Parents Questions and Answers

Parents Questions and Answers

Childrens Acting Questions. We currently only train in small groups. We do this so the student has the very best possible training. 

Times of classes.

Age 4-12 years. 4.30pm to 5.00pm and 5.00pm to 5.30pm. Wednesday Evening

Age 12-15years. 5.30 pm to 6.30pm Wednesday Evening

Age 16-20yrs. 6.30pm to 7.30pm Wednesday Evening


Can any child join or do they have to have experience?

We cater for all children who really have an interest in acting. We are looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated child who is passionate about learning a new skill.

What are the fees?

Fees are from £18.00 per session per month for younger classes.  £23.00 per session for teenage classes. There is a 20% discount for low-income and one-parent families.

What will be my child’s first lesson be like? Younger Class.

It usually involves script work and for the younger children simpler scripts of a few words or solo scenes to act out. We cover mime and talk through ideas that the students can relate to and then let them weave their own individual unique scenes through role play.


Will my child gain confidence?

Confidence is the key for your child’s development in all things, and this is why we focus on this throughout their training here at NFD. Most parents say they see their child’s confidence go from strength to strength when they attend lessons at NFD.


Will my child have the chance to be in a film?


How will my child benefit at your school to follow their dream of becoming an actor?

By appearing in our films and our series that showcases all our actors. From an idea, script, storyboarding, auditions to filming. These different stages are covered as we look after and train each individual child every step of the production process. These are vital steps that all actors have to learn.  Although it may seem complicated, we explain in simple terminology and make it a fun time. Once your child has completed a show reel or film, they are delighted with what they have accomplished and they have something to showcase. (Show reel for CV) Their confidence improves immensely. Many of our films do go on and are selected for film festivals through out the world and win international awards. Students also gain IMDB listings which is an international database for actors who appear in films. These have an advantage of the student being recognised for their experience and talent in the acting industry.

My child is shy do these lessons help with this?

If your child is to shy to come into lessons then we have one to one sessions on a Monday evening that helps them with their confidence and self esteem. Once they have the confidence then they go through into our workshops.
Shy children benefit from drama/acting surprisingly enough when you give them a character and ask them to perform, they become a completely different person and overcome their shyness within a short space of time. This new confidence eventually does carry through in their day to day lives. We see very shy children improve in just a few weeks and parents are proud to share that they now stand up in lessons, read out loud from books and audition for main parts in school plays, something in which they did not have the confidence to do previously.

Will my child gain any professional qualifications or recognition for their involvement in attending NFD?

Most of the children who gain parts in the films or drama’s at NFD will secure a credit which will reflect in their IMDB profiles which is a professional body that records all movies, films, drama’s etc. These credits are recognised within the acting industry as much as a degree is in their subject.

If your child wants to explore an acting profession it is vitally important they start by gaining as much experience as possible and IMDB listings can be attached to your child’s acting cv and is very important in this industry. This is the first place that casting directors, producers, directors etc go to check on actors and industry professional’s experience.

We also cover the Trinity Acting exams which gain the students in the higher grades UCAS points for university entry.

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