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Drama Qualifications

Drama Qualifications

Northern Film and Drama, understand that your child needs to progress from training in the school, therefore we offer the opportunity to gain international recognised Drama Qualifications in the Trinity College of London examinations.


These exams are unique because the students gain ucas points which go toward admission points for universities.

Additional Benefits

1. Building confidence which improves creativity

2. Helps social skills

3. Improves vocabulary which empowers self expression

4. Memorise and recall information

5. Helps with communication skills and working in a team

6. Improves reading, fluency of speech and understanding


Examinations entries

Speech & Drama |  Performing Text  |  Individual Acting Skills

Group Drama – Scripts

Acting in Pairs

Speech and Drama

Group Drama – Shakespeare.

For the last thirty years we have 100% pass rate and have received many distinctions and merits.


The Principal’s Reflection

I’ve been teaching Drama Qualifications from the follow boards; LAMDA and Trinity Guildhall exams for the last 30 years and it gives me immense pleasure to see young children and teenagers grow in so many ways. What stands out the most to me is their ability of coming together and working as a group of young people who want to support each other in every way. Their enthusiasm to help every individual in that group is very rewarding and to see the more experienced students to help and allow everybody to excel to a higher standard.


Another advantage that impresses me, is how the little children embrace their pieces of prose and verse. They really want to do well with their exams and try so hard to learn their words and express themselves which makes me and their parents so proud of them.


Finally the children pride themselves when their results are announced and they truly are proud and delighted of what they have achieved.