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NFD eBooks


Ebooks are electronic versions of books that can be read on devices like e-readers, tablets, smartphones, or computers. They are typically downloaded from an online store and can be read offline, making them very convenient for readers. Ebooks can come in various formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. They are popular for their portability, easy accessibility, and often lower cost than physical books. Here are some of ours:-

1. Script to Screen for adults and children. Practise scripts for self-tapes. Practise real screen-scripted material to help you understand what is required for auditions.

2. A collection of poetry tutorials for children and teenagers.

3. Acting tips/advice/monologues/auditions/scripts

4. Well-being and mindfulness uniquely combined specifically for the actor in mind.

Children’s poetry to enjoy and practise.


Tutorials for writing poetry Age 5yrs to 9yrs

Teach Your Child to Write Poetry: Enjoy the Journey of Writing Poetry with your Children (How to Teach a Child to Write Poetry Book 1)

Teach a Child to Write poetry 5yrs to 9yrs



How to teach Poetry Age 9yrs to 12yrs

How To Teach Your Child to Write Poetry Book 2: Teach Your Child To Write Poetry Age 9 years to 12 YEARS (How to Teach a Child to Write Poetry) by [Alyson E Connew Connew]

Teach a Child to Write poetry 9yrs to 12yrs

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