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Acting Course for Adults for Film and TV Leeds

Acting Course for Adults for Film and TV in Leeds every Monday at 20.00hrs. Next Course 9th of September


Limited Availability and Booking Information

Due to the popularity of our small courses, available places fill up quickly. Therefore, early booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. The next course begins on September 9, 2024.

About NFD Productions

NFD Productions primarily functions as a production company that firmly believes in the “Training while Creating philosophy.” This core philosophy underpins all actor training in our Film and TV Acting Course. Consequently, actors benefit from extensive professional filming equipment, which provides unique opportunities for them to work in our productions. For example, actors have worked alongside named talents such as Jamie Lomas and  Persephone Swales-Dawson, who were in our “Risk Takers” TV pilot.

Unique Training Approach

A unique two-tier approach provides opportunities on both non-commercial and commercial film sets. Initially, new students receive training on non-commercial film sets. As their acting abilities improve, they progress to commercial film sets.

Age Requirements and Special Cases

Adult students must be 21 or older to enrol. The young person section caters to ages 16 to 21, accessible HERE. Special individual cases for younger students may be considered upon discussion.

Contact Information

For more information, please call us at +44 (0)1077 681949

Booking Details

The price for the Film and TV Acting Course in Leeds is £25 per session for 12 weeks, payable at the start of each lesson. To reserve your place, a £55 booking fee is required in advance. In case of oversubscription, an immediate refund or a place in the next available course will be offered.



Film and TV Acting Course Leeds—The price is £25 per session for 12 weeks, payable on the night at the start of each lesson. A £55 booking fee is payable in advance to reserve your place. However, if we oversubscribe, we will offer an immediate refund or a place in the next available course.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, please use CHECKOUT AS GUEST to use your credit/debit card. Sometimes, you may have to click confirm differently underneath LOGIN and select pay by card.



Mondays 20.00hrs for 1 to 1.5 hours – (Please note sessions vary in length depending on the subject being taught, given that some subjects need a bit longer than usual.)


All courses are a 12-week cycle of separate training modules. Sessions vary in length from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the subject taught.


Adult Film and TV Acting Classes are held in Leeds “South Milford” LS25 5AR.


Acting Course for Film and TV Leeds Yorkshire Area – Our Classes are small, friendly, and personal to get to know you well, with average class sizes of just 4 – 7. We only teach in small groups as workshops can never really deliver the level of individual training you need to succeed for worthwhile parts.

A short clip from the feature film “STAFF finished in 2019


We work in a purpose built professional studio with the very best cameras and multi media equipment that is invaluable for our students, creating the best environment for actors to work in.

Booking Details

The cost for the Film and TV Acting Course in Leeds is £25 per session for 12 weeks, with payment due at the start of each lesson. A £55 booking fee is required in advance to secure your place. In case of oversubscription, we offer an immediate refund or a spot in the next available course


If you looking to break into the Film and TV industry? Our Film and TV Acting Course in Leeds is perfect for:

  • Beginners
  • Theatre-trained actors
  • Recent drama graduates
  • Those returning to acting after a break

Course Highlights

  • Targeted Training: This course focuses on the specific skills needed for on-screen acting.
  • Comprehensive Preparation: Ideal for actors transitioning from theatre to screen, ensuring you’re ready for the unique demands of Film and TV.

Progression OpportunitiesUpon successfully completing the course, students can move on to our advanced classes. Here, you’ll get to:

  • Participate in “Platform 2c”: Our showcase includes the production of full feature-length films, utilizing 3D technology and advanced green screen techniques.
  • Collaborate Across Age Groups: Work with our teenage section on the TV show “RISK TAKERS” and with juniors on various short films.
  • Achieve Global Exposure: Our productions are showcased worldwide and frequently released on platforms like Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

Join us and take the first step towards a successful career in Film and TV acting. Enroll now in our Film and TV Acting Course in Leeds



It gives the student a solid Film and TV grounding with a strong emphasis on acting to the camera.

  • WK 1 – Introduction – Script deciphering and how to make them work for you.
  • WK 2 – Understanding and putting into practice script directions and direction from directors.
  • WK 3 – Making the most of and optimising anger on screen plus Filmic emotions and how to make them work best for the camera.
  • WK 4 – How to effectively and quickly learn lines.
  • WK 5 – How to work effectively with props.
  • WK 6 – How to create a compelling and robust character for acting.
  • WK 7 – Comedy acting and timing.
  • WK 8 – Voiceovers, Overdubbing how to do it well, as well as optimisation for you.
  • WK 9 – Audition technique and how to use it to best effect for you.
  • WK 10 – How to produce the best and most effective self-tape audition to show you off to maximum benefit.
  • WK 11 – The differences between scripts and how to use them to make you look good.
  • WK 12 – Creating a personal acting showreel and how to work with Green Screen to best affect. Students get to keep what they do in this class as their first showreel.
Filming Actors in our STUDIO for one of the FEATURE FILM’s we produce. ALL students GET THE OPPORTUNITY to work on. The various projects our production company is working on. Anything from a feature film to a documentary to reality. All typically carry IMDb credits.




Film and TV Acting Course LeedsAre you eager to pursue acting but worried about your lack of experience? No need to fret! Our course welcomes participants aged 21 to 80, regardless of their experience level. We simply ask for your dedication and determination to work hard and give it your best. With these qualities, we are confident in our ability to help you succeed.

Due to our small class sizes, we can provide a personalized, individual approach, often achieving remarkable results. This is especially beneficial for students who face challenges such as difficulty with reading or other similar concerns. Our specialty lies in building confidence, and most students see significant improvement within just a few weeks.

How to Enroll

To join our Film and TV Acting Course, potential students can choose from the following options:

Option A: Click HERE to pay your £50 booking fee and secure your place. We allocate spots on a first-come, first-served basis. If a place is available, you will be enrolled in the next course, and we will confirm within 48 hours. If the course is fully booked, you will receive a refund or a place in the next available session.

Option B: Call us to book a trial lesson. After the trial, if you find the course suitable, we can have an informal discussion about the next steps. This option is perfect for adults who are unsure if the course is right for them, provided there are places available.

Please contact us at 01977 681949 or via email to learn more about what NFD can offer you!




Emily “The screen acting lessons at NFD  are unparalleled! I’ve attended several acting classes in the country, but none compare to the personalised attention and professional environment here. The access to professional filming equipment and the chance to work with well-known actors have taken my skills to the next level. I highly recommend this course to anyone serious about their acting career!”

Jessica “NFD stands out because of its dedication to every student’s success. The professional filming equipment and the chance to collaborate with established actors create a realistic training experience. The supportive atmosphere and the practical, hands-on approach are exactly what I needed to build my confidence and skills.”

James “NFD offers a unique approach to actor training that I haven’t seen anywhere else. The ‘Training while Creating’ philosophy does set them apart. I started as a novice, but the small class sizes and individual attention helped me improve rapidly. 

Daniel “What makes NFD  the best in the area is their commitment to practical, hands-on learning. The small class sizes mean you get a lot of one-on-one and the feedback you receive is incredibly detailed. Being able to see your performance played back in a professional studio setting is a game-changer.”

Sarah “The personal, friendly atmosphere at NFD makes all the difference. Unlike other courses, where you’re just another face in a large hall, here you get to perform in a purpose-built studio with professional playback. This immediate feedback helped me refine my skills much faster than I expected. I like they have an agency attached!”


The cost for the Film and TV Acting Course in Leeds is £25 per session over 12 weeks. Payment is due at the start of each lesson. To reserve your place, a £55 booking fee is required in advance. Click HERE to pay your booking fee. In the event that we are fully subscribed, we will offer an immediate refund or a spot in the next available course.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use the “CHECKOUT AS GUEST” option to pay with your credit or debit card

Or please CLICK. Confirm a different way underneath LOGIN and select pay by card – it will also take you directly to pay by card.




Students completing the course will be invited to join our successful Film and TV agency.

Many web casting organisations claim to make you a “STAR” and all less for spotlight deal in low quality work requiring little at best to no talent at worst. Extra work, short/student films, etc are often much more likely to harm your cv than help it, if you really want to get worth while parts. This is in our opinion the only worth while online casting organisation given all the substantial/main parts from Game of Thrones to the main Hollywood Films etc all appear here and generally no where else. If you don’t have the required credits to be on spotlight you can’t apply simple as that; so we work really hard to help you get the required credits.


Lastly we really love what we do so you can always be assured of the very best possible experience no matter your level of ability.

[twitter_buttons] “At NFD we pride ourselves on our integrity”
To learn more about our Acting Classes please contact us +44 (0)1977 681949 or send us Email – info1@northernfilmanddrama.com

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