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Taster Session Acting Classes for Film and TV – CHILD – TEENAGER – FREE TASTER SESSION

Taster Session.

Taster Sessions for children and teenagers Please book a  taster session either by emailing alyson@northernfilmanddrama.com or

 ring us on 01977 681949 and ask for Alyson to discuss a taster session for your child at NFD.

Our screen acting taster session offers children and teens an exciting glimpse into on-screen performance. Upon arrival, our experienced instructors warmly welcome participants and guide them through the fundamentals of screen acting.

The session commences with a brief introduction to acting for the camera, covering techniques for conveying emotions effectively and maintaining naturalistic performances. Participants then engage in interactive exercises designed to build confidence and develop essential on-screen acting skills.

Throughout the session, participants practice scripted scenes tailored to their age group, providing first-hand experience of acting in front of the camera. Our instructors offer personalized feedback to help participants improve their performance.

As the session progresses, participants learn the collaborative nature of on-screen acting, working effectively with directors and fellow actors to bring scenes to life authentically.

By the end of the taster session, participants depart with newfound understanding and confidence in screen acting techniques, along with a sense of accomplishment from their hands-on experience.

We offer complimentary taster sessions for our screen-acting children’s lessons throughout the year. Keep an eye out for these sessions, as they provide an excellent opportunity to experience our program first-hand at no cost. Alternatively, if you miss out on the free taster sessions, we offer paid sessions for a nominal fee of £10.00.

Taster session for Child Actor


Taster Session for Teenager Actor

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