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Self Tape Instructions

Self Tape Instructions Points to consider in preparing and recording a self-tape audition: Following these self-tape instructions will help you with your audition process. They are what casting directors expect to see in their inboxes. Read the Audition Material : Carefully review the audition script, sides, or scenes you’ve been provided. Understand the character, context,…

The Kids A Monologue

The Kids- A Monologue Promote your Acting Skills with a Monologue I enjoy writing scripts, but I also regularly write monologues for actors that need to promote their acting skills through their CVs and monologues by sending them off to casting directors or uploading them onto social media, etc. Today, I’ve been inspired to write…

Documentary Filmmaking

Documentary Filmmaking Documentary Filmmaking in a “Nutshell” Documentary filmmaking is an exciting and rewarding experience. Recently my husband has made a documentary about three quirky folk exploring the beautiful rivers of Yorkshire. We are pleased to say it will be released on Amazon Prime shortly. This is a brief explanation of how to go about…

Five Acting Skills you need for Acting

  Acting Skills – Five Fundamental skills to Become an Actor 1.Acting Skills: A sound foundation in the craft of acting is essential to becoming a successful actor. Actors should understand the fundamentals of acting technique, including the principles of Stanislavski, improvisation, script analysis and character development. 2. Memorising words: Actors must be able to…